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Steps to obtaining your Firearms License
Compulsory Firearms Course
Genuine Reason for License
Apply Online
Be a Fit & Proper Person

Yarra Valley Hunting & Recreation now offers compulsory firearms safety course as required by Victoria Police in order to obtain a Firearms License. In the coming months customers will be able to book a course online, in the meantime for more information please contact us.

Customers are advised under Victorian Law you must have an actual reason for wanting & having a firearm license. On your application you will be asked to specify this reason. Some professions are sufficient as is sport/target shooting and/or hunting. 

Victoria Police's now accepts applications for a firearms license via it's eservices platform.


Applicants are required to create an account with their email address and have ready copies of required documentation: -


  • Proof of genuine reason such as association/club membership

  • Firearms Safety Course certificate

  • Personal reference 

  • 100 points of identification

For a person to be approved for a firearms license they must be a fit and proper person. Simply having a criminal record however may not preclude and applicant from being approved. 

Have a Reference 

Applicants must also supply a reference from a prescribed person using the specified template.

We are here to help

Yarra Valley Hunting & Recreation is here to help, please get in touch if you need assistance with the licensing process.

More information can also be found on the Victorian Police's webpage

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