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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I purchase a firearms or ammunition online?
    Government legislation prevents firearms & ammunition from being purchased and sent via courier or mail directly to customers. Instead customers may request a quote online from Yarra Valley Hunting & Firearms. Once all necessary checks are conducted and approved and the quote paid for, the firearm can be collected instore or from another registered firearms dealer as agreed.
  • Does Yarra Valley Hunting and Recreation sell class C firearms ?
    At this time we do advertise pistol or category C items though these are available via the store.
  • Where can I hunt in the Yarra Valley?
    GMA has a site that will help you identify the correct and lawful areas legally available for hunting in the Yarra Ranges. Feel free to pop in to store and speak to one of our local experts.
  • Can Yarra Valley Hunting and Recreation assist with obtaining a firearms license?
    Yarra Valley Hunting can assist customers in their application for firearms license including relevant safety courses and subsequent permit to purchase firearms, for more information click here. Now taking bookings for your Firearm Safety Course. Run every fortnight. Call to book.
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